Shenzhen Smart City Industry


The Shenzhen Smart City Industry Association (SSCIA) is a non-profit industry organization approved by the Shenzhen Municipal Civil Affairs Administration.


The Association consists of smart city integrated planning solution providers, construction and operation managers, application equipment and software vendors, communication network providers, chip manufacturers, operational service providers, cloud computing IoT high-tech applications and training and information services, new urbanization planning and construction, urban intelligent environmental protection system engineering design, construction and maintenance construction service providers, scientific research institutions, standardization organizations, industry associations, related media and enterprises and institutions in the field of modern smart industry services. Relying on the overall technology platform and industry-driven capabilities of Shenzhen Smart City Industry, the Association relies on group wisdom and integrates high-quality resources to promote the production and study of smart city industry. It will promote the development of smart city process in Shenzhen and even in China.

The purpose of the association: Committed to scientific and technological innovation as the guide, with the goal of smart city and new urbanization construction, focusing on ecological environmental protection, transformation of scientific and technological achievements, smart industry and people's livelihood services, integrating smart city industrial chain to create smart city industrial cluster to promote economic transformation and upgrading as well as scientific development, and provide overall quality services for Shenzhen smart city industrial enterprises to seize the domestic and international markets and technological high ground.