Engineers Australia


Engineers Australia is the national forum for the advancement of engineering and the professional development of our members. With over 100,000 members embracing all disciplines of the engineering team, Engineers Australia is the largest and most diverse professional body for engineers in Australia.

Governance and Structure

Engineers Australia is steered by a representative body, the National Congress, who elects and monitors the Council of Engineers Australia. There are numerous committees, colleges, technical societies and other groups that actively contribute to the organisation as a whole.

Policy and Media

We actively seek to make our position known on policies, inquiries and other government initiatives. We contribute regularly via policy statements, government submissions, media statements and the generation of advocacy resources.

Program Accreditation

We work closely with academic institutions to accredit courses and programs, and ensure they are aligned with international benchmarks.


Engineers Australia developed and released a Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) in support of the Australian Government’s Closing the Gap strategy. This strategy aims to reduce Indigenous disadvantage with respect to life expectancy, child mortality, access to early childhood education, educational achievement and employment outcomes.

Women in engineering

Our vision is that engineering becomes an inclusive profession which values supports and celebrates the contributions of women in the engineering team.” - Women in Engineering National Committee

Vision Statement:

Engineers Australia is the trusted voice of the profession. We are the global
home for engineering professionals renowned as leaders in shaping a sustainable world.