Smart (thinking) Cities


...integrates information and communication technology, and various physical devices connected to the network to optimise the efficiency of city operations and services to citizens.

What are ‘Smart Cities’?

Wikipedia Describes a ‘Smart City’ as;

A smart city is an urban area that uses different types of electronic data collection sensors to supply information which is used to manage assets and resources efficiently. This includes data collected from citizens, devices, and assets that is processed and analyzed to monitor and manage traffic and transportation systems, power plants, water supply networks, waste management, law enforcement, information systems, schools, libraries, hospitals, and other community services. The smart city concept integrates information and communication technology (ICT), and various physical devices connected to the network (the Internet of things or IoT) to optimize the efficiency of city operations and services and connect to citizens. Smart city technology allows city officials to interact directly with both community and city infrastructure and to monitor what is happening in the city and how the city is evolving.

ICT is used to enhance quality, performance and interactivity of urban services, to reduce costs and resource consumption and to increase contact between citizens and government. Smart city applications are developed to manage urban flows and allow for real-time responses. A smart city may therefore be more prepared to respond to challenges than one with a simple "transactional" relationship with its citizens. According to Prof. Jason Pomeroy , in addition to technology, smart cities "acknowledge and seek to preserve culture, heritage and tradition", such as Barcelona in Spain.

Urban Motion will focus on products, services and technology involved with the future of our cities. A major focus for the Urban Motion seminars is ‘mobility’ how this affects our everyday life.

At Urban Motion you will discover everything from how to build a smart home to an entire smart city.

Urban Motion will cover the following areas within ‘Smart Cities’:

  • SMART Manufacturing
  • SMART Design
  • SMART Infrastructure
  • SMART Finance
  • SMART Ageing
  • SMART Mobility
  • SMART Tech