Dr Jie Wang

Dr Wang is a lecturer at the University of Queensland Business School. She grew up in China, had her undergraduate degrees at Wuhan University (China), and received her postgraduate degrees in Australia.

She completed a PhD in the field of crisis management at UQ. Her current research interests are associated with Crisis Management, Risk Reduction and Disaster Resilience. Crisis prevention and risk communication have been transformed by technical innovation. Risk decisions are made in partnership with those affected and empowered. Her research has focused on understanding how human perceive and act in relation to risk, crisis and disaster, with the research objective to bring about change that improve the well-being and safety of the people or organisations.

Her research is informed by aspects of strategic management, social psychology, and organisational behaviour. Jie’s PhD thesis has received ‘2012 Emerald/EFMD Outstanding Doctoral Research Award’. Dr Wang has published a number of academic articles in the leading journals, and has had the opportunity to present her research at various national and international conferences that feature risk/crisis component.

With the education background and research interests in communication and management, her research areas also cover social media, eye-tracking, technology-enhanced tourism, VR/AR and blended travel experience.

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Darrenn Medhurst