Stephan Gumpert

Having worked in the structural (steel and concrete) / fabrication industry for the twenty years and working for Autodesk since 2004, Stephan’s passion these days is to help others become more BIM Centric while working collaboratively. Having a strong background in software, both in development and use, especially Autodesk products (but not limited to) since the mid 1990s, he tries to leverage this experience when working with others.

Through the use of BIM processes, the Autodesk desktop platforms & Cloud Common Data Environments, Stephan tries to help businesses see the power that they can harness for their own. Every business transition is slightly different and poses its own challenges, but every transition can be done. Technology is changing rapidly and business need to change with it.

Stephan’s motto “Working Smarter not Harder'“ is key.

Other backgrounds include CAD Admin, Automation Developer and trainer.

Darrenn Medhurst