Gunther De Graeve


Gunther is recognised as a thought-leader within the industry for his innovation in operational models and infrastructure solutions, his sustainable approach to planning and for his attention to detail; promoting and enabling flexibility and future trends.

Gunther is an internationally trained architect and experienced strategic consultant with a specific focus on clients with a complex service requirement and portfolio of assets; typically this is in Healthcare, Higher Education and Research industries.

His career in Belgium, as Director of a practice specialising in health, education and aged care projects, allowed him to perform the role of Design Director, Project Director including the scope of Project Management and Quantity surveying. The following 7 years were spent in Design and Construct that allowed him to undertake projects across all continents including, Europe, The Middle East, South East Asia, and Australia.

It is this diverse experience and background that makes him so attuned to innovative outcomes and budget control whilst implementing management processes to align scope with outcomes. He is recognised by clients and the industry for his strong management and risk control capabilities during the project process whilst leading innovation and collaboration with stakeholders.

Specialities: Innovation and planning in Health, Education and Research including strategic planning, business cases, condition assessment, asset planning, master planning, facilities planning and optimisation.

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