Tim Lucas


Tim is an Inventor and futurist with an entrepreneurial spirit. He is an accomplished, multi-discipline technology consultant and product design expert, with particular focus in the Robotics and AR/VR industry.

In early 2015 Tim Co-founded Immersive Robotics Pty Ltd "IMR" to commercialise his invention ,a world first method of video compression to make AR/VR wireless. IMR is currently a global leader in real-time critical video compression, streaming and wireless AR/VR. http://www.immersiverobotics.com

Tim's commercial UAV / "Drone" involvement begun in 2010, when he started to develop various technology solutions in the budding new industry.

Tim founded Remote Sense in 2013 to provide consulting and rapid prototyping services. He has worked as a technical consultant and lead design expert on complicated aerospace projects globally.


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