Holly Stephens

Holly Stephens

Holly is the Chief Marketing Officer at Beam, a world leading Smart payments platform which is raising $40M as a reverse Initial Coin Offering (ICO) to decentralise their existing business onto the blockchain. Holly also serves as Head of Business Analysis at Prismatik who works with the likes of other blockchain companies such as CanYa and 8x Protocol.

Beam is a global payments acceptance platform for the 21st century with built-in support for Smart contracts. Beam was created to help retail value chain stakeholders become more efficient by engaging with customers in a more meaningful and effective manner. The platform enables stakeholders across the retail value chain to incentivise desired customer behaviour by defining measurable goals along with a monetary reward for their achievement.

Since 2011, Beam have developed relationships with stakeholders ranging from mom and pop stores to enterprise retailers, brands and distributors such as Carrefour, Costa Coffee, ALDO, Tommy Hilfiger, Unilever, Coca Cola and many more.

Proven benefits at scale Beam’s technical network reach exceeds 400,000 stores globally, with over 5,000 live stores in three continents. Having executed over 4.3 million Smart contracts with total throughput in excess of $250 million, Beam have proven the benefits of the Platform at scale. Beam aim to overturn the status quo in retail value chain and pave the way for a brave new future. Our ambition is matched by our domain expertise, ability and experience.

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