Trade Development Bureau (TDB)


Trade Development Bureau (TDB) was established by Ministry of Commerce (MOFCOM) of the People’s Republic of China in 2003. TDB represents MOFCOM to deliver public services to both Chinese and foreign businesses, organized activities of all kinds to help Chinese enterprises go global, and to facilitate foreign companies to develop in China.

As a key trade promotion arm under the Ministry of Commerce, TDB is actively committed to the implementation of the state's foreign trade policies, through trade promotion services such as training, business information and legal consultancy. TDB builds business exchange platforms through organizing national-level economic forums and international exhibitions, as well as business delegations to accompany the high-level visits of Chinese top leaders to foreign countries.

Our major tasks include:

Organizing State-level Activities

Along with the high-level visits of Chinese and foreign top leaders, TDB has organized more than 60 major economic and trade exchange activities at home and abroad, attracting over 200,000 business representatives. The total value of the contracts concerned exceeds 20 billion dollars.

Information Service

Through varied products and channels, we make sure that companies especially SMEs could enjoy highly efficient and timely public information service.


  • China Trade Promotion Website (
  • China Foreign Trade Promotion Magazine
  • Publications on business guidance and market intelligence
  • Information products such as business catalogs, videos, customized commercial profiles, etc.

Seminar and Training

TDB organizes seminars, training, consultancy and advice courses to provide policy guidance, potential opportunities and increase competitiveness among corporations, preparing them to face the challenges posed by the international market.


  • Import-Export Policy and Overseas Market Workshop
  • B2B Network at home and abroad
  • Competitiveness and Talent Program

Training courses on import/export knowledge and practice, overseas market and business environment, IP protection, risk prevention, branding strategy, etc.


To assist Chinese enterprises to find new opportunities and strengthen their presence in world markets, TDB organizes various exhibitions and trade fairs at home and abroad to help enterprises with access to potential purchasers, start business in the defined markets (the emerging markets in particular), and expand international operations. TDB offers IP protection strategy and relative consultancy services for enterprises participating in exhibitions to help them increase IP protection awareness and the skills of asserting their rights. Normally, Chinese logistic companies provide services for exporting companies to facilitate their custom clearance , researching potential difficulties exporting companies may have such as IP rights disputes with EU custom and help them avoid. Up to now, there is no case of IP protection violation in exhibitions and relative trade promotion activities hosted by TDB.

Global Marketing

TDB develops actions on promotion to facilitate Chinese enterprises’ access to international markets, diversify trade destinations, and improve the image of Chinese industries, products and services abroad. Besides placing China as an important commercial partner overseas, industrial innovation and product quality is emphasized, developing a positive image for country-of-origin.


  • Sector-oriented Project
  • Purchaser Project
  • International Fairs
  • Entrepreneur Missions
  • Customized Business Promotion
  • Promotion of the China Brand

Global Cooperation Network

To accelerate the cooperation and business exchange between China and foreign counterparts, TDB keeps in close contact with overseas trade organizations and work to build platforms for exchange and cooperation among enterprises, and have expanded our service network by signing MOUs or co-organizing events with leading trade organizations from around the world. So far, TDB signed a number of agreements/MOUs with official trade promotion agencies in 80 countries and regions around the globe, for the purpose of facilitating bilateral trade and investment cooperation between China and these countries. Our global partners include Apex-Brasil, UKTI, China-Britain Business Council, Ethiopian Investment Agency, Korean Trade-Investment Promotion Agency, Confederation of Indian Industry, Confederation of Netherlands Industry and Employers, Export Promotion Center of Turkey, Japan Business Federation, Israel Export & International Cooperation Institute, etc.

National Local Partnership

To implement trade policies and organize activities nationwide, TDB works closely together with local (provincial and municipal level) governments in organizing outbound delegations, training programs, exhibitions and events of any sort, getting first-hand information from the foreign trade sector and helping local governments and enterprises understand more of the global markets, with an aim to better equip local businesses with globalization capabilities and match-make foreign industries and products with local markets.